Shoe Care

    UGG Boot Care Kit

    Preserve Your UGGs: The Ultimate UGG Boot Care Kit Protect and pamper your UGG boots with the authentic UGG Boot Care Kit. Specially crafted for UGG boot owners and suede...

    UGG Protector Stain Repellent

    Keep Your UGGs Looking New with UGG Protector Stain Repellent! Are you worried about water spots or oil stains ruining your favorite UGG boots? Say no to stains and protect...

    4-Way Shoe Cleaning Brush

    There's nothing quite like a beautiful pair of sheepskin boots. But if you want to keep them looking their best, you need the right care products - like the 4-Way...

Shoe Care

Preserve Your UGGs: Ultimate Shoe Care Essentials

Welcome to the destination for devout UGG enthusiasts who aspire to keep their cherished footwear in pristine condition. We understand the connection you have with your UGGs and the desire to maintain their comfort and style for as long as possible. Our expertly formulated Shoe Care range is the secret to prolonging the life and look of your favorite sheepskin shoes.

Protect & Prolong Your UGG Investment

Ultimate Protection Against the Elements

Our Shoe Care collection brings you products that provide unparalleled defense against water, oil, and everyday stains. Never worry about stepping out in your UGGs, regardless of the forecast. With our protection, you're ready to face the elements.

Tailored for Your Sheepskin Shoes

Crafted specifically for the unique material of your UGGs, our shoe care products ensure that the softness and texture of your sheepskin footwear remain unaltered, providing the gentle touch these premium shoes require.

Effortless Application for Lasting Results

You're not just purchasing shoe care; you're investing in the longevity of your UGGs. Our products are designed with convenience in mind, offering easy application that fits seamlessly into your routine, guaranteeing long-term wear.

Step Into Confidence with Well-Kept UGGs

No longer do you have to worry about the wear and tear of daily use detracting from your UGGs' appearance. With our Shoe Care range, step out in confidence, knowing your UGGs are well-protected and looking as good as new.

Ready to safeguard the beauty and durability of your sheepskin shoes? select the ideal Shoe Care kit for your needs and join a community of UGG lovers who understand the value of well-cared-for footwear.

Invest in the longevity of your UGGs - enhance their endurance and appearance with our specialized Shoe Care. Keep your treasured footwear in peak condition, ready for wherever life takes you.

Our UGG Boots

Water Resistant UGG

Water Resistant UGG

Using nanotechnology, the exterior of our UGG is water resistant and has the ability to insulate moisture. When comes rain, or a small puddle you can alway rely on your Water Resistant UGG to be dry.
Australian Grade-A Sheepskin

Australian Grade-A Sheepskin

The highest quality Australian sheepskin with dense fleece that provides heat regulating with breathable moisture-wicking materials that will always keep your feet warm and dry, and also has supreme cushioning around the entire foot.
Anti-Slip Rubber Sole

Anti-Slip Rubber Sole

Our lightweight hardwearing rubber sole with high traction bottom ridged provides durability and non-slip traction which are ideal for indoor and outdoor wear.

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