How to clean UGG Boots

How To Clean UGG Boots

UGG boots are a type of footwear made from sheepskin. They are typically worn in cold weather and are known for their warmth and comfort. While UGG boots are very durable, they do require some care to maintain their quality. Here are some tips on how to clean UGG boots.


Tools you may need:


The first time you received your UGG Boots:

Your new UGG boots are not waterproof. Don't let the rain ruin your investment and experience with buying our product! You can make them water-resistant by applying the UGG Protector Stain Repellent to the outside of the shoe and then spray again every few months as recommended in order to maintain your results. Happy feet, happy life!


UGG Boots Snugness and Sizing:

When you first get your new UGG Boots, they should be snug. Your toes, on the other hand, shouldn't curl or hurt. The snugness can go up to your foot's bridge.

Sheepskin boots stretch where weight is applied to the feet and thighs. Ugg boots usually stretch up to a half size. Without jumping up and down, the heel should be securely planted. 


If you have loose threads:

Pull on any loose threads with caution. Get a pair of scissors and cut away any excess threads. Never pull on them or cut them through a seam.


Socks or No Socks?

It's your option! Without socks, you will feel the full experience of sheepskin comfort. Allow the natural fibres of sheepskin to provide you with the most warmth. Nothing beats the fluffiness of sheepskin on your bare feet.


Dye migration:

Most of our Sheepskins have gone through a rigorous dyeing process, resulting in these beautiful colors that we can work with, and offer you one of the most diverse color palettes possible. However, dye migration in the darker color is possible from time to time. This is a normal situation that will fade with time.


Toe blowouts:

A toe blast, also known as a toe blowout, happens when a hole forms at the tip of the vamp (where our big toe is). A toe burst on UGG boots will occur for one of the following reasons: 

  • The Ugg Boots were too small to begin with causing strain.
  • Toenails have not been trimmed enough.
  • A poor batch of sheepskin or a low grade of sheepskin was used.

How to avoid them:

  • Check that you have chosen the right size.
  • For UGG boots wear, make sure your toenails are trimmed and maintained.
  • Quality is the way to go. Look for the guarantee and the warranties.


What to be cautious about when you're wearing your UGG Boots:

  • Cooking in your UGG boots is not a good idea. Remember that cooking oils, wines, and sauces will easily stain them. Use our UGG Spray Repellent to avoid these stains.
  • To wipe or cure stains of your UGG boots, avoid using ammonia, bleach, peroxides, or other substances. See how to remove stains below.
  • UGG boots should not be dry cleaned.
  • Do not use the laundry machine to clean them.
  • Deep Snow – Ugg boots are often associated with snow. Your ugg boots aren't waterproof, but putting them in heavy snow would make them saturate. Your feet would even turn icily cold. You can buy our outdoor ugg boots hiking set to use in the winter, but they can only shield you from a few centimetres of snow. They should not be substituted for ski or gum boots.
  • Giant Puddles – Try your best to stay clear of stepping in puddles with your ugg boots. If this happens and your boots become saturated, allow them to naturally dry overnight and refer to our cleaning stains method below.


Maintenance / Storage:

Maintain your ugg boots in the same way as you maintain the rest of your footwear. Giving them a good clean at the end of the winter by following our cleaning instructions below; stuff them with fabric towels or socks and store them in a cold, dry position to keep their shape for the following winter.


Cleaning instructions:

  1. Brush away some dirt and grime that has been ingrained in your ugg boots over time with a soft brush. To avoid damaging the sheepskin while brushing, we use a soft pet brush or lint brush. Or purchase our 4x Way Cleaning Brush.
  2. Grab yourself a cloth or use the sponge from our UGG Boot Care Kit.
  3. Spray our shampoo and conditioner on the cloth.
  4. Using a small amount of water, gently dampen the fabric. Now it's time to dust your ugg boots.
  5. In a circular motion, gently dampen the entire region of the ugg boots. You will note they change colour to a darker shade but this will restore to its natural colour once the cleaning process is complete. Be careful not to add too much water as you will limit the lifespan of the sheepskin. Too much water can ultimately make the wool separate from the skin. It can also be a cause for the skin to stretch out too much.
  6. Once you've washed your ugg boots, it's time to dry them. Bring the ugg boots to form by stuffing them with tea towels or paper towels. For the vamp (front area of the ugg boots), two large pieces of butcher paper are normally adequate, and three large pieces of butcher paper scrunched up are sufficient for the upper area of the ugg boots.
  7. Leave them to dry overnight in a dark corner away from strong sunlight. Avoid using excessive heat, such as a hairdryer, and avoid drying under direct sunlight. Your ugg boots will look brand new when you wake up in the morning.
  8. Consider replacing the innersoles in your ugg boots to give them a new lease on life and to enjoy walking on fresh fluffiness.


Removing Stains:

Stains on ugg boots, like every other stain, must be removed as soon as possible. Allowing too much time to pass before handling them is not a good idea. Food streaks, oil or grease stains, dirt stains. So far we found that chalk is the most powerful way we've discovered to clear these stains. Go to the nearest supermarket or stationery shop to get some white chalk.

  1. Chalk up the affected area very gently. Don’t worry about the area turning white for now.
  2. Overnight, leave your ugg boots with the chalk on. The chalk will hopefully absorb and remove the stains at this time (depending on how big or how strong the stain is).
  3. Brush off the remaining chalk away with your brush softly. If the chalk marks are still visible, stop brushing and apply sheepskin to sheepskin together to restore the colour of the ugg boots. All chalk marks will vanish if you do this softly for a few minutes. If the oil stains are not entirely cleaned, repeat the procedure.


Ink Stains

The easiest way to clear minor scratches, such as ink marks, is to lightly rub the affected surface with an eraser, depending on the sort of stains or marks you have. In certain cases, this will fix the issue and eliminate certain types of markings.


Glue Stains

Glue stains on the sheepskin will usually be removed gently by putting the blade of a sharp knife or scissors on the sheepskin and slowly rolling it up and down. This will peel off the glue. This approach requires extra caution for the user's and the sheepskin's protection.


Rain Spots

When your footwear comes into contact with a few drops of water, it will cause what we call "spotting." You will normally get rid of it by folding the boots and softly rubbing it together, skin to skin.

If the spotting doesn't come off, follow the steps in our ‘cleaning instructions' section.

To avoid rain spots, grab yourself our UGG Spray Repellent.



Washing Machine:

We do not suggest cleaning your ugg boots in the washing machine. The sheepskin may discolour and get patchy, and the soles of the boots will come down.

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