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    UGG Premium Cross Fluff Slides Ultra Comfort Sole

    $135.00 AUD
    $74.00 AUD
    If you’re looking for a pair of slip-on shoes for around the house or heading down to the shops, you’ll love our UGG Premium Cross Fluff Slides Ultra Comfort Sole!...

    UGG Premium Cross Fluff Slides

    $100.00 AUD
    $68.00 AUD
    Your feet will love spending time in a pair of our UGG Premium Cross Fluff Slides. With a fluffy, soft woollen exterior and three gorgeous colours, you can wear these while...

    UGG Cross Fluff Scuff

    $119.00 AUD
    $59.00 AUD
    Our UGG Cross Fluff Scuff is made from luxurious 100% Australian sheepskin lining encompassing the whole slipper, allowing extra cushioning. These slippers with crisscross construct provide extra warmth and would be...

    UGG Fluffy Thongs

    $89.00 AUD
    $55.00 AUD
    Looking for a cosy and fun twist on the classic Aussie thongs or slides? Our UGG Fluffy Thongs feature the iconic rubber design along with a soft sole created from...

    UGG Fluff Slippers

    $115.00 AUD
    $65.00 AUD
    Our UGG Fluff Slippers is made from luxurious 100% Australian sheepskin lining encompassing the whole slipper, allowing extra cushioning. These thongs upper provide extra warmth and would be the top choice to travel with, perfect...

    UGG Cloud Slide Sandals

    $109.00 AUD
    $45.00 AUD
    UGG Cloud Slide Sandals Features:  Upper: Wool Sole: Rubber sole Ready for summer? Shop UGG Cloud Slide Sandals with confidence at UGG Direct online store. 100% Australian owned. We offer...

    UGG Fluffilicious Slippers

    $185.00 AUD
    $105.00 AUD
    Slip your feet into our cloud-like UGG Fluffilicious Slippers. With an elastic ankle strap to ensure your feet don’t slip out, these soft woollen slides are great for enjoying some time...

    UGG Cotton Candy Slide

    $155.00 AUD
    $115.00 AUD
    Our UGG Cotton Candy Slide is made from flashy checkerboard coloured wool lining that is both sweet and fluffy variation from the famous fluff yeah slipper, hence the name. Set on a high...

    UGG Continental Unisex Slipper

    $125.00 AUD
    $72.00 AUD
    Slip your feet into a pair of our snug Continental UGG Continental Unisex Slipper! Crafted from premium Australian Sheepskin and featuring a durable sole, you will love sliding these on...

    UGG Men's Premium Ultra Comfy Scuffs

    $149.00 AUD
    $79.00 AUD
    Warm & comfortable UGG Men's Premium Ultra Comfy Scuffs with a moisture wicking double-face sheepskin upper, lining and insole.Featuring trademarked moulded TPR outsole has been produced to withstand the elements. Built...

    UGG Reagan Scuff Slipper

    $80.00 AUD
    $59.00 AUD
    Our UGG Reagan Scuff Slipper is perfect to wear around the home and are super cosy and warm for those winter evenings and frosty mornings. Wear these UGG Reagan Scuff Slipper with literally anything....

    UGG Rio Slip-on Unisex Sandals

    $105.00 AUD
    $59.00 AUD
    Available in a rich brown shade, the UGG Rio Slip-on Unisex Sandals are perfect to slip on everyday with their lightweight and durable design. These slip on sandals are a...

    UGG River Unisex Sandals

    $110.00 AUD
    $67.00 AUD
    Get summer ready with our UGG River Unisex Sandals! With adjustable buckles, leather top and comfortable design, these flats are equally as perfect for the shops as they are for...

    UGG Summer Slip-on Unisex Thongs

    $105.00 AUD
    $59.00 AUD
    The ideal slip on thongs offering a supportive, thick and durable sole for the warm summer days. Available in a versatile chestnut shade, our UGG Summer Slip-on Unisex Thongs are...

    UGG Lace Summer Moccasin

    $129.00 AUD
    $89.00 AUD
    With a range of bright shades and versatile colours, our UGG Lace Summer Moccasin feature a suede exterior, external stitching and statement woven bow. Boasting a supportive insole and slight...

    UGG Summer Moccasin

    $160.00 AUD
    $89.00 AUD
    Crafted from suede with a minimalist silhouette and wider width, UGG Summer Moccasin pairs well with any occasion. Wear it with trousers and a button-down to the office and jeans...

    UGG Ozsnow Moccasin Slippers

    $130.00 AUD
    $75.00 AUD
    Stylish & Comfortable Our UGG Ozsnow Moccasin Slippers colourful line of shoes has a lot to offer in every aspect, just as its wide variety of hues.The shoes include a stringed...

    Tommy Sneakers

    $169.00 AUD
    $109.00 AUD
    Bring on the comfort and style in our Tommy Sneakers. With a suede finish, dark shades and rubber sole, you will be able to live in these flats while going...

    Carvella Sneakers

    $142.00 AUD
    $89.00 AUD
    Slide into a pair of our Carvella Sneakers! Fantastic for the warmer weather, these flats boast a mesh exterior and rubber sponge sole. With three classic shades and comfortable design,...

    Star Classic Unisex Sneakers

    $142.50 AUD
    $65.00 AUD
    These shoes are a must for all wardrobes! You can wear our Star Classic Unisex Sneakers all year around - looking great with dresses as well as jeans! Available in...

    Canvas Sneakers

    $150.00 AUD
    $69.00 AUD
    Canvas Sneakers perfect for people on the run, these easy to slip on sneakers can be pulled on without undoing the laces and come in four versatile colours. Featuring a...

    Roxy Sneakers

    $189.00 AUD
    $129.00 AUD
    Our Roxy Sneakers are the perfect casual white shoe. The simple design with a flash of colour on the heel will add some fun and a unique touch to any...

    Old Skool Unisex Sneakers

    $88.50 AUD
    $49.00 AUD
    Make a statement in a pair of our Old Skool Unisex Sneakers! These casual sneakers will offer you support throughout the day and come in a range of fun shades...

    UGG Direct - Angela

    $275.00 AUD
    $157.00 AUD
    A suede Chelsea-style boot, the Angela Boots feature a fun silver zip on the heel. Perfect with skinny jeans or dresses, these little black boots are a wardrobe staple and will...

    UGG Vivien Rain Boots

    $245.00 AUD
    $69.00 AUD
    Looking for fashionable and comfortable rain boots? UGG Vivien Rain Boots is our rain boots with Australian sheepskin insole that will keep you warm in cold raining winter if you don't tell...

    Verali Loafer

    $219.00 AUD
    $139.00 AUD
    Look all class in our Verali Loafer. With a gorgeous leather finish, three classic shades and timeless gold and pearl details, you will complete a chic look in comfort.  Verali...

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